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The dildo Tarugo is an ideal companion for erotic games.

Natural dildos can be warmed or cooled for you to explore different sensations. They can be used alone or as a couple. In the latter case, it is interesting to show the partner how to use it best. You can start by caressing yourself in front of your erotic playmate / companion.

Vibrating sex toys provide erotic sensations that are impossible to reproduce in simple two-person sex. They sometimes condition the human body and brain to achieve an orgasm in addiction to an electrical object. It can also create some forms of addiction. The dildo Tarugo offers an education in more natural sensations and closer to a dyadic erotic experience.


The whole collection of these smooth and rigid objects are perfect toys for stimulating internal and external erogenous zones. However, they must be used gently, without sudden or violent movements that could hurt. The advantage of these non-vibrating dildos is that they allow you to regain more natural sensations and avoid a form of "sexual conditioning" addicting to electric vibrations. The orgasms provided by this type of dildo are produced by pressure and not by vibration. They are closer to those provided by an erect penis.

We suggest that you explore the sensations provided by our natural dildos. When a particularly pleasant feeling is obtained, the idea is to reproduce regular pressures in this place. The principle is to continue the pressure movements long enough and not to stop after a few seconds. It is also interesting to avoid going faster and faster, stronger and stronger. It is usually better to alternate the rhythms by going sometimes soft and slow, sometimes more intensely, faster. The pleasure is also more intense when you sometimes perform small poses.

Like all our products, Tarugo the dildo respects the principles of our EROS ® charter of environmental quality and fair trade with manufacturers. Be aware that many sex toys are made from plastics or synthetic latex made from crude oil. Their manufacture is polluting and some sex toys contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous for health. Today many dildos come with various fantasies which can sometimes be very pleasurable but which can also have negative consequences both on the environment and also on the quality of sex life. For example, battery-powered sex toys pose the problem of recycling highly polluting batteries. Rechargeable sex toys have a relatively short lifespan and join the billions of plastic waste that invades our earth and its oceans. Tarugo the dildo is fully biodegradable and comes from a renewable resource (wood from replanted forests). The dildo Tarugo is therefore a sustainable and ecological alternative that provides pleasure and does good for the planet.

Natural stones are by nature breakable. Ensure the integrity of the accessory before inserting it to avoid cuts. Like any accessory it is essential to disinfect it well before and after any use...

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