Ambrosia soap

€8,00 EUR

Our soaps are composed of salt of fatty acids, which form natural vegetable oils, by saponification with alkalis. It is the most natural way to obtain a soap composed of salts of fatty acids and glycerin. Before completely cooling this mass, we add essential oils and organic additives (lavender flowers, kelp, coffee, etc.). We generally use organic coconut and olive oils. In some types of soap, we add shea butter. These butters use a traditional cold manufacturing method. Our soaps can be used daily. 

What is the difference between our organic soaps and the ordinary soap sold at the nearest supermarket? 

The answer is, of course, the composition! Generally, a supermarket soap is made up of chemicals, such as coco-sulfate or lauryl sulfate, and much more ... This soap usually includes chemical flavors and other ingredients.

Our soaps are 100% organic and therefore suitable for all members of the family. Completely handmade and free of sulfates (SLS or LS), parabens, petroleum products and silicone, they are absolutely safe.

Live the magic of perfume!


Tous nos produits respectent les principes de notre charte EROS (Éthique avec les producteurs - Respect de l’environnement - Origine contrôlée - Sexologiquement testé) de qualité environnementale et d’échanges équitables avec les fabricants.

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