Donatien (Handcuff necklace)

Donatien (Handcuff necklace)

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To gently hobble your partner's hands and neck. Closure with adjustable straps, metal rivets. Handmade.

The opinion of our sex therapists:

Fantasies nourish and stimulate sexual desire. Their realization (within the framework of erotic games between consenting adults) increases tenfold the pleasure felt and brings a variety very useful to combat the routine. 

The Donatien Handcuff Collar is adjustable and adapts perfectly to the anatomy of each man or woman. It is a handmade luxury item of which each copy is unique. In addition, thanks to so-called "vegetable" tanning, this pair of handcuffs worn directly on the skin is not allergic. 


Warning : Leather sex toys are part of games that sometimes take on a BDSM character. These forms of eroticism should always be practiced with caution and without jeopardizing health.

Our EROS label ® (Ethics with producers - Respect for the environment - Controlled origin - Sexologically tested)

Like all our products, the Donatien handcuff collar respects the principles of our EROS ® charter of environmental quality and fair trade with manufacturers. Be aware that the tanning of leathers (including those usually used for toys and erotic costumes) is a highly polluting activity. Asian countries that practice chrome tanning often do not meet environmental standards. Also, the large quantities of water used for tanning are directly released into nature with toxic consequences for humans, plants and animals. 

In addition, the chrome residue that remains in the leather can cause allergic reactions, especially when the leather is worn directly on the skin.

The Donatien handcuff necklace brings a spicy and sexy touch to your erotic experiences. This is a unique handcrafted product. It is a true "collector" for lovers of sophisticated objects. The leather is authentic and therefore of animal origin, but the tanning is "vegetable" and non-polluting.