Mayari restraints (neck and hands)

€90,00 EUR

For gently restraining your partner's hands (or feet) and neck, Mayari restraints add a spicy and sexy touch to your erotic experiences. This is a unique, handmade product.

Velvet on the skin side, lace on the outside. 3 basic colours, if you want another one, don't hesitate to ask us...

Adjustable velcro closure, quick and easy release.


Like all our products, Mayari respects the principles of our EROS charter ® of environmental quality and fair exchanges with manufacturers.

Fantasies nourish and stimulate sexual desire. Their realization (in the context of erotic games between consenting adults) increases tenfold the pleasure felt and brings a variety very useful to fight the routine.

Mayari is adjustable and adapts perfectly to the anatomy of each man or woman. It is a handmade luxury object of which each copy is unique.

Restraints and sex toys are part of games that sometimes take on a BDSM character. These forms of eroticism should always be practiced with caution and without jeopardizing health.

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