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Lana plugs are the ideal preparation for anal penetration. They are smooth and soft and provide delicious new sensations

Description: ideal measurements for anal practice and to stimulate you intensely but always gently. It penetrates 18 cm long while its balls of progressive diameters deliciously caress your internal walls. Its base serves both as a handle for easy handling, and as a stop for perfectly secure use.

The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the shape but not the patterns. Due to handcrafted production, 1-3mm difference is possible.




The Kiliti plugs are first of all objects that ideally prepare for anal penetration. When the Lana plug is inserted delicately, it allows a progressive relaxation of the muscles around the anus. Afterwards, anal penetration will be easier and the risks of inconvenience are lower. However, you should press the Lana plug and to remove it very delicately. The Kiliti plugs can also be used as stimulants because the anal zone is an erogenous zone very rich in nerve endings. In men the peri-prostatic area is often a source of pleasure. Many women and men feel the excitement of wearing a plug. It is sometimes exciting to feel the transgressive pleasure of wearing the Kiliti plug discreetly in public places such as restaurants or on a romantic stroll.

The Kiliti plugs made of wood or stone are extremely smooth and soft. It is essential to use a lubricant to prepare the anus and coat the plug. The plug should be inserted gently. The first feeling can be confusing at first. However, after a few seconds, the muscles around the anus relax and the sensations become very pleasant. To vary the sensations, you can place Le Plugs Lana Stone (stone) in hot or cold water before use.

The Kiliti plugs can be moved sensually by the partner or oneself by performing various inner movements. However, never exceed the limit of the protective guard which is the larger basis of the object. Finally, Kiliti plugs can be worn during vaginal penetration and then provide an exciting perception of "double penetration". The sensations are also increased tenfold for the penetrating person who feels the plug when it comes and goes. Kiliti should be cleaned well after each use (use an organic & sustainable cleanser!).

Like all our products, our Kiliti plugs respect the principles of our EROS ® charter of environmental quality and fair trade with manufacturers. Be aware that many plugs are made from crude oil-based plastics. Their manufacture is polluting. In addition, the decomposition time of these objects varies between 400 years and a thousand years. They are generally manufactured in the Far East where the working conditions are deplorable. Wages are so low that workers are regularly forced to sleep in factory dormitories. They work between 10 and 14 hours a day without social protection and in conditions which are regularly dangerous for health. In addition, most countries producing sex objects have repressive laws on sexuality. The sale of sex toys is banned in some of these countries, sexual minorities are persecuted and women are treated unequally. Kiliti plugs are made of wood from forests that are replanted or natural stone. They are designed by artisans who receive a living wage and where there is gender pay equity. The Lana plugs are therefore a sustainable and ecological alternative that provides pleasure and does good for the planet.

You should never use a plug suddenly because there is a risk of tearing the rectal tissues. The healing of this area is complex and the risk of secondary infection higher. It is also strongly recommended not to switch from anal stimulation with the plug to vaginal stimulation (risk of contamination of the vagina by germs). You should not share the plug with another person either. In case of rectal pain it is prudent to consult a doctor.

Natural stones are by nature breakable. Ensure the integrity of the accessory before inserting it to avoid cuts. Like any accessory it is essential to disinfect it well before and after any use...

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