Charles (anal stimulator)

Charles (anal stimulator)

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The opinion of our sex therapists:

The Charles anal stimulator has a triple function: it can be used as a prostate stimulator, as a simple anal stimulator or as an initiator of anal penetration.

Prostate stimulation can lead men to experience a new form of orgasm. The Charles anal stimulator is perfectly suited because it is not vibrating and it has the shape and length suitable for internal rectal stimulation of the prostate. It is a question of "practicing" yourself in solo first (two-player games can come later). Charles should be impregnated with lubricant as well as the anal area. Then, push in gently, avoiding too much back and forth which especially stimulate the rectal area. The idea is to stimulate the prostate area more deeply. It is important to find a comfortable position because some relaxation is essential. A desire to urinate may occur (so it is best to empty the bladder before having this experience). This kind of stimulation through anal penetration can be experienced psychologically as confusing by the man. Heterosexuals are often not used to being penetrated. The idea is not to systematically stimulate your penis to focus more on internal sensations and discover a different form of orgasm. Calm, diaphragmatic-type breathing can help achieve ecstasy. This pleasure prostatic is very different from the sudden burst of orgasm on penile stimulation and comes more in the form of gradual and more diffuse micro-contractions.

Charles can also serve as an anal stimulator for both sexes who appreciate this type of stimulation.

Charles can act as an anal rosary by its tapered shape with a succession of small balls. The ergonomics of these balls allow an increasing adaptation to anal penetration. This stimulator is longer than a simple plug, it allows you to discover the pleasures of a deeper penetration and prepare for sodomy. When removing the anal stimulator, the succession of balls can cause intense orgasms in both men and women. 

Charles is made of extremely smooth and soft polished wood. It is essential to use a lubricant to prepare the anus and coat the anal stimulator. It should be inserted gently. The first feeling can be confusing at first. However, after a few seconds, the muscles around the anus relax and the sensations become very pleasant. The Charles anal stimulator can be moved sensually by the partner or by yourself by performing various interior movements. However, you should never exceed the limit of the last big ball which must remain on the outside. It should be cleaned well Charles after each use (use an organic & sustainable cleanser!).

Warning : An anal stimulator should never be used abruptly because there is a risk of tearing the rectal tissues. The healing of this area is complex and the risk of secondary infection higher. It is also strongly advised not to switch from anal stimulation with Charles to vaginal stimulation (risk of contamination of the vagina by germs). The anal stimulator should not be shared with another person either. In case of rectal pain, it is prudent to consult a doctor. 

Our EROS label ® (Ethics with producers - Respect for the environment - Controlled origin - Sexologically tested)

Like all our products, Charles the anal stimulator respects the principles of our EROS ® charter of environmental quality and fair trade with manufacturers. Be aware that many sex toys are made from plastics or synthetic latex made from crude oil. Their manufacture is polluting. In addition, the decomposition time of these objects varies between 400 years and a thousand years. They are generally manufactured in the Far East where the working conditions are deplorable. Wages are so low that workers are regularly forced to sleep in factory dormitories. They work between 10 and 14 hours a day without social protection and in conditions which are regularly dangerous for health. In addition, most countries that produce sex objects have repressive laws on sexuality. The sale of sex toys is prohibited in some of these countries, sexual minorities are persecuted and women are treated unequally. The Charles anal stimulator is made of wood from forests that are replanted. It is designed by artisans who receive a living wage and where there is gender pay equity. The Charles anal stimulator is therefore a sustainable and ecological alternative that provides pleasure and does good for the planet.