Mayari blindfold

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Discover our Mayari blindfold/scarf!

Ubiquitous accessory of erotic games, the blindfold is the most magical. Its functions, to plunge the submissive person in the dark, to hide his/her gaze from the dominant. For a submissive person, being plunged into the dark means no longer seeing and therefore no longer being able to anticipate. The anguish is stronger, the apprehension makes the emotions intense, and the senses are easily deceived, it is even more completely delivered.

Deprived of the gaze, the submissive person then develops perceptions from other senses. With hearing she can imagine where the dominant person is, if there are others. With the smell know who it is, where it is. As for touch, it is the sense that will allow it to move according to the wishes of the Master. To take possession of the sight is to take possession of the other.

Because the headband also changes the perception of the dominant person. She/he no longer has the gaze of the other, a gaze that can be invaluable in knowing what she is feeling, adapting, reacting better. But he can also be intimidating, afraid of not being up to the task. So the banner is paradoxical. It delivers the submissive even more, but creates a greater distance that allows the dominant person to get out of the submissive's grip a bit! But his responsibility is even greater!


Fantasies feed and stimulate sexual desire. Their realization (in the context of erotic games between consenting adults) multiplies the pleasure felt and brings a very useful variety to fight the routine.

Our blindfold is a handmade luxury item of which each copy is unique.

Like all our products, Mayari respects the principles of our EROS ® charter of environmental quality and fair trade with manufacturers.

"Domination" type erotic toys are part of games that sometimes take on a BDSM character. These forms of eroticism must always be practiced with caution and without endangering health.

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