One may wonder how sexuality could have a sustainable impact, however in this field too, our behavior influences our home and others. Sexuality reduces stress, improves intellectual functions etc. It would be a pity to do without it...! But we also need to be aware that all our choices have an impact, even when we're frolicking under the duvet (or elsewhere). It is therefore time to become "sex-responsible" by reflecting on our behavior in our intimate life and opting for their sustainable version!

Sustainable intimacy is based on personal well-being and the desire to support the Sustainable Development Goals :

  • The development of all human beings,
  • Social cohesion and solidarity between territories and between generations,
  • The preservation of biodiversity, environments and resources.

Many professionnal trips to developing countries have led us to realize the tremendous potential of developing countries. And in particular by working on a sustainable economic approach. We are committed to selling quality and ecological products while guaranteeing a better quality of life for producers and artisans. Our values ​​inspire our daily work. Without a sustainable approach, our common future is in jeopardy.

One team, 3 continents: The collaboration between producers and craftsmen with a team of specialists in sustainability and support to Associations. Discover our partners here.

Our Passion: To highlight the unknown riches and the ancient knowledge of countries in difficulty for too long,

Our goal: Protect our homes and help areas in difficulty to develop sustainable economic activity.

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