Our activity is essentially sustainable, we work with producers and artisans from developing countries. However we wanted to do more ...We have decided to donate 5% of our turnover to Not for profits.



We are committed against excision: excision of the clitoris, which is FGM, involves the removal of the major external part of the clitoris (clitoridectomy) and its hood. It is sometimes accompanied by the removal of the labia minora and the suture of the labia majora. In 2016, among the more than 200 million circumcised women in the world, 44 million are girls under the age of 15,

The Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis is first and foremost the response to a damning observation: in France, each year, 93,000 women are victims of rape or attempted rape and 220,000 women are victims of domestic violence.

La Maison des femmes is a unique place, a center for women in difficulty, part of a national approach: the fight against violence against women.

La Maison des femmes is a concrete and pragmatic solution to specific problems, which particularly affect women in very precarious situations and which larger medical structures cannot respond to.

The Women's House is a unit of the Saint-Denis Hospital Center, a medico-social structure where caregivers and actors from the world of the police, justice and law, but also therapists, artists and athletes, cooperate to support patients towards healing and autonomy.

La Maison des femmes is a place of care for women victims of violence, which relies on the eponymous association.

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