You will find at the bottom of the page of each product different information such as: ingredients (to be checked in case of allergies), advice and warnings.


Some information on the materials and ingredients used:

"Vegetable" leather: leather from animals but has been rendered rot-proof thanks to the action of tannins of vegetable origin. We ensure that these animals have not suffered any abuse and that they have lived in a natural environment.

Vegan "leather": leather made from materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peelings, other fruit scraps or recycled plastic.

We will have both types to offer in 2022.

Calamansi (Philippine lemon): small, acidic and aromatic citrus fruit. It is a natural hybrid between the mandarin tree and a species of kumquat (source Wikipedia).

 Turmeric : Curcuma

Good thing (Dartrier): tree plant with yellow flowers (Wikipedia)

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