Litho & Libido: Bingo or Placebo?

This time of year is intense, full of energy. Regardless of our beliefs, the omnipotence of the sun is beautiful and very present. It's time to reap the goodness sown in the spring. The summer solstice invites us to celebrate around musical bonfires. All this has fueled beautiful exchanges with people who are skeptical or, conversely, receptive to this part of magic that surrounds us.  

This year, I chose to celebrate the Litha Sabbath “And you, do you believe in all that?” I did not have the opportunity to answer that my neighbor continues “Anyway, what was I going to do? wallow in the couch and watch TV? So, you might as well come around the fire with you!” That's when I thought of the placebo effect. This kind of moment can only do good… and at worst, it just doesn't do anything. 

Do I believe in this magic? I don't know, I'm not trying to understand, but in any case, I like the idea that these rituals are above all suspended moments. All this does not hurt, does not require any particular effort except to finally pause. Although for some people, this is already a miracle. It is therefore in full consciousness that time stops. 

It is with exactly the same approach that I use my yoni egg, chosen 2 years ago now. The same discussions “Do you believe in that, do you?” My curious nature is stronger than my belief. I became a little interested in the subject and enjoyed choosing the stone that corresponded to my energy. This egg, available in several sizes, is a stone to be inserted into the vagina. The origin of the word yoni in Sanskrit also designates the female genital organ. It comes to us from the ancestral Taoist culture and popularized in recent years by the hilarious Gwyneth Paltrow.

A lot of merits are attributed to this somewhat special egg. We agree, I am talking to you here about the well-being effect and pleasant sensations. We are not on a vibrating object that brings you to orgasm illico-presto, it is not the goal. From a scientific point of view, it is known to tone the perineum and strengthen the vaginal muscles, just like geisha balls. Perfect for postpartum. From an energetic point of view, it would increase your vitality, your physical and spiritual health by balancing your “Chi”, the vital energy.  

The range ofYsaline eggs and of Geisha balls Gwendoline what offers you SustainablePleasure are marble or serpentine.

There are alsoother stone products, all done by hand. If you have a specific request, do not hesitate to Contact us. Attention, be sure to follow the instructions for use and maintenance. 

In lithotherapy, marble is known to help you in times of change. It is a stone of initiative that encourages resolutions and decision-making. Serpentine, on the other hand, provides the energy needed in the event of extreme fatigue and stress. Also, it diverts harmful thoughts that clutter your mind. Finally, the choice of the stone, its color, its size, ... all of this is a pretext for introspection. Like the chicken and the egg, in this case, cause or effect? Who came first? 

Many testimonials on the internet confirm a real change in the sexuality and femininity of its users. Personally, a lot of reasons in my life are just as valid to justify such developments. Is it the stone? its shape ? In the end, we speak of a placebo just as we could speak of a blanket effect (for adults, of course). With the desire to believe it, I welcome this egg according to a little ritual when the need arises (stress, frustrations, sadness) The magic operates, whether it is of the object or of the moment. After a few minutes of calm, here I am serene. I continue my activities with him, we are one.    

The importance of ritual! Whether shared around a bonfire or alone between her thighs, we mark a time. Time has become a luxury, it is up to us to make good use of it. So, no matter the why or the how, the Cartesian, psychological, spiritual or placebo explanation, Isn't the main thing just to take the time to do yourself good? 

Je m’appelle Marie. Je ne suis ni journaliste, ni sexologue mais simplement bavarde et curieuse. C’est donc sans aucune prétention que je partagerai ici avec vous quelques articles, tantôt utiles, tantôt futiles mais toujours spontanés et libérés.

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