A sex-responsible project, an e-shop and now... a blog!

PlaisirsDurables! This is our bold concept that attracts thanks to the values and commitment of an entire team. Passing them on to you and exchanging with you is really important to us. That's why we created this blog, an inclusive space for people from all walks of life.
A lot of high-quality articles have already been written on complex topics such as LGBTQIA+ commitment, mutilation and sexual violence or in the wilder department, sex in all its forms. It is therefore without any pretension that we will share here with you, twice a month, some posts, sometimes useful, sometimes futile but always spontaneous and free from any pressure, any judgment. It is the same spirit that you will find by browsing our website, by selecting your products.
What if our quest for pleasure, a purely self-centered act under our sheets, could radiate and benefit noble altruistic causes on the scale of our world? This is our mission summarized in its name: PlaisirsDurables. 
We look forward to exchanging with you on this blog, the PlaisirsDurables team.
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Promised, we will only bother you for a good cause ;-)
Je m’appelle Marie. Je ne suis ni journaliste, ni sexologue mais simplement bavarde et curieuse. C’est donc sans aucune prétention que je partagerai ici avec vous quelques articles, tantôt utiles, tantôt futiles mais toujours spontanés et libérés.

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