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All our products come from fair production.

Intimate life

All our products come from fair production.


All our products come from fair production.

All our products come from fair production.

One wonders how sexuality could have a lasting impact, however in this area too, our behavior influences our household and each other. Sexuality reduces stress, improves intellectual functions etc. It would be a shame not to do without ...! But we also need to be aware that all of our choices have an impact, even when we're frolicking under the duvet (or elsewhere). It is therefore time to become "sexo-responsible" by reflecting on our behaviors in our intimate life and by opting for their sustainable version!

Lasting intimacy is based on personal well-being and the desire to participate in the goals of Sustainable Development :

The development of all human beings,

Social cohesion and solidarity between territories and between generations,

Preservation of biodiversity, environments and resources.

Discover our Beauty products and accessories. These are produced entirely by hand and can be personalized: do you want a particular size, add a text? Do not hesitate and contact us !

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